Packing and unpacking can be the most tiresome part of moving. We offer top-notch packing services to reduce the stress of moving. Our packing services are based on the same hourly rates as moving plus cost of packing supplies. If you'd like us to do all, or part of your packing and/or unpacking, please let us know well in advance, since there is a high demand for our packing crews.


Should you hire a full service crew? This is a decision you need to make based on time versus cost. A packing service could add a couple hundred dollars to your moving budget. However, if you need to take two weeks off of work in order to get the house packed and organized, it may be worth the price. Most of the time, we can pack your home in one day. This saves not only time, but the hassle of living with -and out of- boxes.


If you are on a budget or you want to lower the cost of your move, we offer packing of specialty items, particularly fragile only: kitchen, artwork, mirrors or other breakables or valuables. You can also inquire about our crating services for extra valuable items.


If you choose to pack yourself, we offer FREE boxes delivery in {{basicsettings.storage_city}} area with $50 minimum order, when you move with {{basicsettings.company_name}}. You pay only for the boxes you use, and we will collect any unused boxes on the day of your move. Don't know how many boxes you need for your move size? Check our PACKAGES.

Boxes Size Description $ per unit
File Box 16" x 12.5" x 10" Ideal for files and papers as well as other desk items. Professional Grade & Certified 32 ECT Qualities - 65 lbs. Maximum Gross Weight Capacity. $7.50
Small Box 16" x 10" x 10" Ideal for packing many of your smaller heavy items such as books, CD's, collectibles, videos, canned goods, tools, small appliances, kitchen items and toiletries. $6.00
Medium Box 18" x 14" x 12" Ideal for packing most household items including books, kitchenware, clothes, linens, small appliances, toys and more. $9.00
Large Box 20" x 20" x 15" ideal for packing lightweight, bulky items such as lampshades, stereo speakers, electronic equipment, stuffed animals, clothing, comforters, pillows, bedding and towels. $14.00
Dish Box 18" x 18" x 22" Ideal for files and papers as well as other desk items. Professional Grade & Certified 32 ECT Qualities - 65 lbs. Maximum Gross Weight Capacity. $18.00
Picture Box 26" x 6" x 41" Ideal for large picture frames, paintings, mirrors. Typically, each heavy-duty frame box should handle two or three paintings, pictures or mirrors. Cover each corner with bubble wrap, secure the bubble with packing tape and place the item in a frame box. For extra security, fill the voids in the frame box with packing paper. $15.00
Wardrobe Box + Bar 21” x 18” x 46" Ideal for hanging approximately 2 ft. of clothes. Our Wardrobe Box is constructed with Heavy Duty corrugated cardboard for added strength and stability with a convenient front access panel and integrated hand holes for increased ease of use. $22.00
Supplies Size Description $ per unit
Packing Tape 2" x 55 Yards Heavy Duty Packing Tape FREE
Shrink Wrap 18" x 1,500' Use to bind, bundle, and fasten various household items when moving or storing. Sticks to nothing but itself, with no adhesives or sticky residues, and no damage when removed. $14.00/Item
Packing Paper 25lb Clean, white newsprint sheets are a fast and ideal solution to wrap and protect dishes, glasses and other breakable items. $52.00
King Mattress Bag 78" x 14" x 98" Mattress bags provide protection from dust, dirt and stains for your mattresses and box springs. They are sealed on three sides and are vented to prevent "ballooning". They can also be used to protect large paintings and mirrors. $18.00
Moving Pad Designed to protect furniture during moving. Free to use on move day or $22.00/ea.


We can customize your order with additional items like Wardrobe Box, Mirror Box, and Mattress Cover etc. YOU CAN PLACE BOX DELIVERY REQUESTS FROM YOUR ACCOUNT PAGE ONCE YOU’RE MOVE WILL BE CONFIRMED AND SCHEDULED.

Student Package Qty
Small Box 7
Medium Box Box 5
Packing Tape 2
Dish Box 2
Packing Paper 25lb 1
Price - $99.00
Studio Apt Qty
Small Box 10
Medium Box Box 8
Packing Tape 3
Dish Box 3
Packing Paper 25lb 1
Price - $130.00
1-2 Bedroom Apt Qty
Small Box 15
Medium Box Box 12
Packing Tape 4
Dish Box 8
Wardrobe Box + Bar 2
Packing Paper 25lb 1
Price - $210.00
2-3 Bedroom Apt Qty
Small Box 18
Medium Box Box 15
Packing Tape 6
Dish Box 10
Picture Box 3
Wardrobe Box + Bar 3
Packing Paper 25lb 1
Price - $270.00
3-4 Bedroom Apt Qty
Small Box 25
Medium Box Box 20
Packing Tape 10
Dish Box 15
Picture Box 5
Wardrobe Box + Bar 5
Packing Paper 25lb 1
Price - $410.00
Small House Qty
Small Box 30
Medium Box Box 20
Packing Tape 10
Dish Box 15
Picture Box 7
Wardrobe Box + Bar 5
Packing Paper 25lb 1
Price - $500.00
Medium House Qty
Small Box 35
Medium Box Box 25
Packing Tape 12
Dish Box 17
Picture Box 9
Wardrobe Box + Bar 7
Packing Paper 25lb 1
Price - $660.00
Large House Qty
Small Box 40
Medium Box Box 30
Packing Tape 15
Dish Box 20
Picture Box 12
Wardrobe Box + Bar 8
Packing Paper 25lb 2
Price - $750.00
X- Large House Qty
Small Box 45
Medium Box Box 35
Packing Tape 18
Dish Box 23
Picture Box 15
Wardrobe Box + Bar 10
Packing Paper 25lb 2
Price - $850.00


Pack smart - load heavier items into smaller boxes. Overloaded large boxes are more likely meant to carry with 2 movers, one box at a time. Those boxes have a greater chance of collapsing because of their own weight and they are almost impossible to stack in the truck. All of this will slow down your whole move process. Fill up each box to the top, and if necessary, use plenty of packing paper to make sure there is no spare room left.

Book Boxes (1.5 cu. ft.) are designed to hold books! Yes, the smallest boxes should be used for the heaviest items books, papers, files, CDs, DVDs, record albums (some people still have them O), canned food and tools/hardware. Pack them tightly since these cartons often end up on or near the bottom when the truck is loaded.

3-Cubes (3.0 cu. ft.) are used for clothing, small electronics, miscellaneous items from drawers and kitchen cabinets, small picture frames, shoes and many other medium-weight items.

Large Cartons (6.0 cu. ft.) are great for bulky items that do not weigh a whole lot for their size bedding, pots and pans, sweaters, lampshades, etc.